21 Oct

Another poem. Thanks for reading.



As I lie here

in the daze of these days

staring up at the night sky

and thinking of how your

bright blue eyes electrify me,

I worry that this will all end.

Wonder if it will all slip away. 

But I close my eyes, give in to your warmth.

My brain is racing, but my body is calm,

protecting me, building a wall around my mind. 

And the roads are long, but as we touch and laugh,

I remember the roads seem short with you.

And as I kiss your soft, strong lips, 

I close my eyes and realize

that my eyes see the same 

whether open or closed.

Awake or in dreams, I want you in my vision.

One Response to “17”

  1. Gray October 21, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

    Lovely and evocative!

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